Al Nebras International preschool fully implements the Montessori method, which; promotes hands-on, self-paced, collaborative learning with authentic problem solving that responds to the needs of the children’s physical environment. Students at Al Nebras are encouraged to follow their interests, engage in deep intellectual inquiry, and expand self-assessment toward self- perfection within or beyond the required academic standards. The student develops a strong sense of self in an intentionally sized community of diverse learners and international cultures. Montessori promotes leadership, empathy, responsibility, self-discipline, independence, adaptability, resilience, and a curiosity for lifelong learning.


Children have an innate interest in the world around them. It is through their natural curiosity that they develop themselves. Montessori education provides a carefully prepared environment that supports the natural process of child development. Through the Montessori approach, children develop fundamental capacities needed to become happy, fulfilled adults who contribute to society in a thoughtful, successful way.

Scientifically Prepared Learning Environments intentionally designed to respond to students' needs at each stage of their natural development.

Hands-on learning through a wide range of activities to spark and expand children’s interest.

Peer-to-peer learning that fosters social interaction, inclusion, and mastery through project collaboration and teamwork.

Independence by allowing children the freedom to work at their own individualized pace, without interruption, choosing from a range of developmentally challenging and appropriate activities.

Encouragement to explore and discover things for him/herself. Children are given the freedom to make mistakes and correct them independently.

Respect for each child as an individual personality with unique talents, respect for others, respect for community, and respect for the environment

Dr. Tanya Kane

Al Nebras was a wonderful introduction to formal education for our twins.


I would highly recommend Al Nebras Montessori to any parents who are looking for a holistic educational experience for their children.


We cannot say enough how much we LOVE the Montessori Way!!