Al Nebras International Preschool (The Montessori Way) is a preschool in Doha, Qatar, founded in 2013. We fully implement the Montessori method, which is praised by many philosophers and educators. Throughout the history of modern education, the Montessori method has played a critical role in the making of innovative thinkers such as the founders of Google and Amazon.

Five short years later, we are now a diverse school of 200 students of different backgrounds filling our 6-beautiful classrooms. We strive to accommodate children with learning differences and bring expert Montessori teachers to meet the demands for a Montessori education in our ever-growing community.

We strive to uphold our unique educational standards as a leading school in Qatar. We are currently the only American Montessori Society (AMS) Members in Qatar and on stage 4 of in 10 on the AMS Accreditation Pathway. Our vision is to expand beyond preschool into a primary school continuing to cater to the diversity and individuality of all our students through our Montessori curriculum.



I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to further explain our unique school. Furthermore, I would enthusiastically like to invite you to the preschool to see first-hand how we are raising innovators of the future.



Lamia Y. Ibrahim

Co-founder & Director