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Dear Sidra, 


I can't thank you and the other teachers in the class for being such amazing teachers to Haya. 


I had such a good time with Haya that night it makes me really proud and happy that you are her teacher and that Haya has grown so much and willing to show me all her math skills as well as other skills. I'm really so blessed with an amazing daughter and you're growing her skills in the right places. 


Thanks again for a wonderful experience. 


The Montessori Way is more than just a's a safe haven for children to grow and discover a world beyond their homes, learning constantly about themselves and life, making meaningful new relationships and getting the loving support of the best teachers we could have dreamed of. 

In the year and a half that Matthew has been in school, he has blossomed into a little boy with big ideas and a strong voice, and this is because of the support his teachers and all the team at the Montessori Way offer him. For parents looking for a school where kids are more than a number, this is the place! It's a loving space and we're beyond happy to have our boy in it. 

Anahi Brown, HHC, AADP, BSc

We feel so blessed that both of our children attended Al Nebras Montessori School. Al Nebras is so much more than just a good preschool. It encourages kids to be kind and compassionate, develop their confidence and social skills. You have a miracle going on there. We are lucky to be part of it. 

Eirini Tsaggari and Marios Dimitriadis

I had my two girls at Al Nebras school (the Montessori Way) and I believe that this is the best decision I ever took for their mental, physical and personality development. In the Montessori system children develop differently from the normal school, children have his/her own space to explore and discover everything around them through sensory, experiential and observatory ways. It stimulates their curiosity and nourishes their creative skills, I could see it happening with my daughters in our every day life. At Al Nebras School, they are passionate about the Montessori system and apply it very seriously...I would definitely keep them in such school if the offering was there for higher classes.

Rasha Awada

Al Nebras was a wonderful introduction to formal education for our twins. They attended the school from the age of 3 - 6 and enjoyed every moment of it. The teaching team were incredibly nurturing, supportive and qualified. The facilities and resources are second to none and the breadth of after school activities was excellent. The school has a lovely ethos that extends well beyond the classroom and fosters an active community of parents, teachers and staff. We are so thankful that our children had an opportunity to experience the Montessori method here in Qatar.

Dr. Tanya Kane

From the moment my twins had their assessment at Al Nebras Montessori they were in love with school and they felt right at home. The teachers and the faculty were extremely friendly for the 2 years my twins spent there. Every day they were always excited to go to school and I was very grateful that I found such an ideal setting for my twins to get acquainted with the joys of learning and socializing with others. I would highly recommend Al Nebras Montessori to any parents who are looking for a holistic educational experience for their children. 


The Montessori Way in Qatar has been such a pleasurable experience for both my daughters. The friendly family oriented school works closely with parents and children to have that great start into education. Building the foundations and allowing the children to learn with fantastic resources provided, has enhanced their inquisitive minds. I particularly like the mixed aged classrooms that allow the older children to work closely with the younger children, that allows for the children to develop their social skills, and learn within an international community. Diversity is celebrated and there is a large focus in including everyone within the Montessori Way. My eldest daughter did all 3 years of her kindergarten at this school and has such fond memories of this school. 

Veena Rabadia

I was a nervous first time mom searching for a preschool that made me feel safe and comfortable leaving my children. My husband and I toured several preschools and nothing compared to the Montessori Way! The staff made us feel so comfortable and answered all our questions and were always very friendly, caring and quick to respond. I was amazed by the Montessori approach. It was the perfect fit for both my children. The activities they were doing were brilliant. Kids were learning so much in a fun educational way which gave them lots of confidence and allowed them to develop great motor and social skills every day. We cannot say enough how much we LOVE the Montessori Way!!


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