Summer Camp 2019

Join us for our Summer Camp where we will explore themes such as Nature, Fun with Sports, and Music and Movement!


Students enjoy an exclusive discount rate of QAR 800 per week (non-students QAR 880 per week). 

Please note the minimum number of weeks to register as a non-student is 3 weeks. These weeks do not need to be consequtive.


Under the Sea

16 - 20 June

Who lives under the sea? What is under the sea? This week will answer these questions as we explore "Under the Sea". We will learn where oceans are found, properties of salt water, different layers of the ocean, and what animals live in the ocean to name a few!


QAR 800


Music and Movement

7 - 11 July

We  warmly welcome your children to our week of Music and Movement. We believe children possess a natural talent and it is our job to help discover and develop their abilities. Children will have the opportunity to play the keyboard, rhythm sticks, bongos, and percussion instruments such as shakers, tambourines, triangles, and clappers.


QAR 800

Fun with Sports.jpg

Fun with Sports

28 July - 1 August

This week we will learn about both indoor and outdoor sports. By playing sports children develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, fun, learn to be a team member, fair play, and improve self-esteem. Students will learn about the importance of exercise in our daily lives and how exercise can be fun. We will help students develop their fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, sportsmanship, and self-confidence. 


QAR 800


Reptiles and Amphibians

23 - 27 June

What comes to mind when you this of Reptiles and Amphibians? An alligator poking its head out of the bayou? A snake slithering through the grass? A pet turtle? There is much variety in the reptile and amphibian world and we will learn about them through activities, songs, and crafts.


QAR 800


Art with Recycle Materials

14 - 18 July

Nurture your child's creative curiosity and self-expression through arts & craft-making! We will explore different art techniques such as drawing, cutting, pasting, and painting while developing an understanding of the basic elements and principles of art. All materials will be provided. Please provide your child with an apron of his/her own.


QAR 800



4 - 8 August

Science has led to the discovery of everything from gravity to medicine. Science is based on curiosity - and when children aim to learn more about the world around them, it is science that often holds the clues they need for a better understanding. 


QAR 800


Bug's Life

30 June - 4 July

Bugs: friend or foe? They creep, crawl, jump, fly, buzz, chirp and they’ll even sting or bite and hardly anyone considers them cute or cuddly. But they fascinate children and we will learn all about bugs in a fun filled way with many interesting activities, songs and craft. Opening the doors to the amazing world of bugs


QAR 800



30 June - 4 July

Mother Nature is a great teacher! Teaching our children about nature can ignite a life long love for the natural world. Children seem to have an inborn affinity for growing things and creatures of the world. Teaching them how to carefully observe and care for nature will help them grow with respect and value for the world around them. 


QAR 800

Aftercare Program

The aftercare program will be provided by Gymmito at their facilities on the Pearl from the hours of 1 - 3 PM. Gymmtio's bus will come to our campus to pick up students and take them to the Gymmito Gym. Parents will pick up their children from Gymmito at 3 PM. Our helpers will be the familiar faces ensuring all runs well. 

Gymmito Kids Club is a team of dynamic, positive professionals looking to make a difference. They are passionate about what they do and are committed to dramatically improving the physical, mental, and social skills of the kids in Qatar, helping them become the very best they can be. 

Activities provided throughout the aftercare program:

  • Gymnastics

  • Parkour

  • Indoor Climbing

  • Indoor Football

  • Indoor Dodgeball

  • Games and Activities

If you would like to enroll your child in this program, kindly indicate so on the registration form and select each week. Please note, this is an additional QAR 300 per week. 

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